Natively known as Deutschland, the people, culture and tradition is what makes it unique. The history of Germany is rich. Germany’s rich heritage was once a part of the Great Roman Empire. It is now one of the most dominant economies in the world. Home to the world renowned football players, Germany also has one of the best cuisines. Oh! And Beer!

Apart from this, Germany is famous for its educational courses. Germany is the birthplace of many elite institutions. Institutions here offer scholarship programs to ease up the costs.

Eligibility Criteria

12 years of formal education from a recognized institution with a minimum of 60% is required. It is mandatory to apply for a one year bridge program. After that, the candidate has to appear for Feststellungspruefung which is an assessment exam. However, to complete it, the candidate also has to appear for a language proficiency test. Apart from this TOEFL scores are mandatory for successful admission. Public universities offer free education; however, you need to pay a minimal amount of 250 euro’s. In private universities, it might cost a little bit more.

For enrolling into a PG course, the candidate must have a bachelor’s degree from a recognized institution with a minimum of 55 to 60%. The candidate must be proficient in both English and German languages. PG courses at German institutions cost near about 20,000 to 30,000 euro’s per year. However, there are scholarship exams that fund you for the academic sessions.