The UK

Situated off the magnificent coast of northern Europe, the United Kingdom is a beautiful union of four countries, namely England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Although, England, Scotland and Wales, share the island of Great Britain. Home to the Royalty, UK is also known for its economy is the fifth-largest in the world. Due to its colonial history, the UK is home to varied cultures and customs. Britain has world-renowned universities that have attracted international students for a long time. Various institutions offer scholarships and generally have a lower education cost due to their three-year program.

Eligibility Criteria

An academic record of 10+2(twelve years) with a minimum of 60%. For UG programs, the expenses range from £10,000 to £38,000 per year.

An academic record of 10th standard that satisfies the core criteria of a minimum of 50 to 60% marks. Diploma courses cost about £ 10,000.

An academic record of 10+2+3 (fifteen years)is required with 2:1 or 3.5 GPA equivalent. It will cost you about £7,946.